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  • Duelling Illustrators Bob Barnard & Paul O Zelinsky
  • Regional Showcase - Israel
  • the SCBWI Booth in action ... books, showcases, and a whole lot more.
About SCBWI Bologna

SCBWI Bologna is held every two years. This is when the SCBWI has a booth at the Bologna Book Fair welcoming vistors from all over the world.

Our next showcase will be 2018 where we will return with the Duelling Illustrators, the PAL showcase and much, much more.

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What's on
at the Booth

Welcome to the SCBWI Bologna website The goal of SCBWI@Bologna is to enhance SCBWI's mission as an international organization and to support its members by:


1) promoting illustrator work through the Bologna Illustrator Gallery,


2) promoting PAL members' publications (including authors, illustrators and translators) through Showcases, and Catalogues


3) by bringing together SCBWI members at the Fair through innovative events such as Dueling Illustrators.


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