Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2010 First Look

Art Directors at a picture book panel in 2008

Art Directors at a picture book panel in 2008

For Illustrators and Author-Illustrators

The 2010 First Look session is now closed to submissions.

You are invited to submit three illustrations from a project or a book to be looked at and commented on by a panel of art directors before an audience of picture book creators and illustrators at our symposium break-out session First Looks. Each .jpg should show one illustrated page or spread from a children's book project. The three images, once approved, will be shown at First Look in a PowerPoint slideshow and will be labeled with the artist's name, pseudonym or marked 'anonymous'.

  • THREE .jpg are to be submitted, each containing one illustration from the same project or book
  • RGB format, resolution 72dpi, maximum 850px wide x maximum 500 high
  • Please do not add your name to the illustration / jpg itself. We will label them
  • Entries will only be accepted by email.
  • Please include the following information: Name and pseudonym (if used). Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous, full address and telephone number

The deadline for submitting your artwork is February 14, 2010.

Please note we will try to review as many submissions as possible for comments by the art directors at the event, but can not guarantee all submissions will be viewed. Files will only be accepted via email and only with the proper formatting. Only one submission will be accepted per registered Bologna participant. No submissions will be accepted after February 14, 2010.