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Rights information

If you are an SCBWI PAL member who has registered a book for the PAL Book Showcase please take the following steps to have your book on display at Bologna:

All books must be delivered to SCBWI Headquarters by February 20, 2018.

In a change from previous years books cannot be delivered to the fair.

All books on display must meet the following criteria:

Written or illustrated by a current SCBWI member

* Published since January, 2016

Be a PAL book and published by a PAL publisher

Rights information clearly displayed in the back cover (see below)


Please note:

SCBWI will make an effort to display all books throughout the fair. In the case of series or multiple titles, titles will be rotated.

SCBWI is not responsible for books offered for display.

All Showcase titles will also be listed in a digital catalog.

At the end of the fair all books will be donated to the International Youth Library.

Please return to the PAL Book Showcase page to check that you have completed all details (including payment) and for delivery information. 


Details required on the back of books being displayed:

Title (Required)
Rights holder (Required)
Contact information for rights holder
    Email: (required)
    Phone (with country code & area code) (required)
Rights available (required)
Bologna Book Fair Booth / Agent Center if rights holder is at the fair (optional)


A sample of the rights information for books on display at the SCBWI Bologna Showcase. 


Rights Graphic1