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Digital Catalogue (submissions)

Please follow these directions for inclusion in the DIGITAL CATALOGUE at our next Bologna Book Fair.


Your Regional Advisors, or their delegate are attending the 2016 Bologna Book Fair where we will be showcasing the PAL books from SCBWI regions worldwide. A charge of $US25 is being made for each title displayed at the booth. There are no refunds.

For this fee:

  • the books will be showcased on the regional table
  • they will be included in the booth display, and,
  • they will be included in a digital catalogue that will be available through the website and provided on promotional material distributed at the fair.

Please note:

  • Only PAL books published after January 1, 2014 are eligible for display.
  • One title per member is permitted for display.
  • Members must register and pay through the Bologna SCBWI website here: to display their book in the regional showcase.
  • Members must also arrange at their own expense to deliver the book to us which we will then transport to Bologna.
  • Your book must be delivered to (insert name) by (insert date).
  • The Regional Advisor will not be responsible for books that do not arrive by this date.
  • Rights for each book must be available and clearly displayed on the reverse of the book as shown here
  • Follow the details below for inclusion in the Digital Catalogue.


To be included in the digital catalogue please send an email to by 18th March, 2016 (sooner is better) with the details below.

If you are NOT sending your book to Bologna and you wish to have your title included in the Digital Catalogue then please pay your catalogue inclusion fee here for your ONE title and then please send an email to by 18th March, 2016 (sooner is better) with the details below.

Digital Catalogue Inclusion Details:

  • front cover image (less than 1MB & JPEG)
  • title
  • author name (if applicable)
  • illustrator name (if applicable)
  • category
  • publication year
  • publisher
  • publisher location
  • rights available
  • rights contact
  • short synopsis (less than 110 words)
  • short bio (less than 45 words)
  • headshot lowres (less than 250 KB & JPEG)

Please make sure that you send the information as listed above (it makes it easier for compiling your catalogue page). Aside from the cover and headshot images, please include the information in the body of the email, not in an attached document. In addition, if you do not send the required material (as specified above) by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on March 18th, 2016, it will not be included in the Digital Catalogue. Please also note that the image of the book cover and headshot must be as requested and of production quality. 


Unless you make prior arrangements with your Regional Advisor, books will not be returned to the member but will be passed to the International Youth Library Munich for their collection. This also enables the book to be entered into the prestigious White Ravens catalogue and this from 2014 here.


For a comprehensive look at the our scbwi Bologna presence see our website.


Sample (click image below for larger version):

SCBWI_Bologna Rights Catalog_sample copy 2