Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

PAL Catalog Inclusion


The book you select for inclusion in the Bologna PAL Catalog must be uploaded to you Member Profile, and then identified as such.


To ensure that that is done correctly, follow these directions:

* Log onto SCBWI

* Click the purple "MY HOME" button at the top right


You will now see your "Member Profile" page.


* Scroll down to the "Publications" section at the bottom left

* Click "Edit" on an existing book, or "Add" to add a new book


You're now on the Edit Book page.


Please make sure that all the following fields are completed:


Front Cover Photo is uploaded

Publisher (only PAL publishers are listed)

Note: You must select a publisher from the "Publisher" field.  Don't use the "Other Publisher" field.

Publication Year

Note: Must be 2016 or 2017


Author / Other Author / Illustrator / Other Illustrator (if applicable) 




Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the yellow section titled "Bologna PAL Book Catalog Information", and complete the following fields.  (See picture below)

* Submit to Bologna PAL Catalog

Be sure this is checked.  Only one of your books can can be submitted to the PAL Catalog.

* PAL Catalog Headshot

The image must be in "jpg" format, and a max of 1 MB.

* PAL Catalog Member Bio

A maximum of 45 words (260 characters).  

* Publisher Location

* Rights Available

* Rights Contact


Click the red "SAVE" button, and you are done.


(Screen picture of fields needed specific to submitting to the Bologna PAL Book Catalog.)