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Duelling Illustrators Manuscript Contest – Finalists & Winner

After much reading by our super judge Emma Ledbetter she was able to whittle the 100 entries down to our 6 finalists (listed by alphabetical order). They are:

     * Zoe Armstrong – When the Huggalumph Hullabalooed – the WINNER!!!

     * Elizabeth Goss – Full Moon Fever

     * Stacy McAnulty – City Baby, Country Baby, Space Baby

     * Craig Overbeck – Penguins on the Moon

     * Kathy Price – Chiquita Chiquita where is Chiquita

     * Laya Steinberg – 59 Beards

During the Bologna Book Fair these manuscripts will be read aloud, while amazing illustrators will interpret the text … in minutes. We can’t wait to see what is created. The overall winner will be announced at the SCBWI booth during the Duelling Illustrators sessions at the Bologna Book Fair after which it will be updated here.


For details about our competition visit this page.


A few statistics.

     * 100 entries submitted
     * from all membership levels
     * the entries hailed from 7 countries — Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA


Some of the things Emma said about all the entries submitted:

     * one of the most important things I’m looking for is visual potential.
     * ideas that are fresh and original, and
     * it takes a good amount of bravery to submit your work for scrutiny, so thanks to all of you for sharing your work with me.


To read Emma’s report click here.

Please note – the report is restricted to SCBWI Members Only.
Also, the full report (again for members only) will be released after the Bologna Book Fair listing the winner and further comments. 

Emma Ledbetter