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the Wrap!

Another Bologna for the SCBWI has been and gone.
Team Bologna had a grand presence with wonderful attention from Susan EaddyElisabeth Norton, David Liew, Ale Diaz Bouza, Dana Carey, Olga Reiff, Colleen Jones, and Sarah Baker.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding follow up photos, commentaries and posts from those who were there with links to our Photo Gallery, the Digital Catalogue, our Bologna Illustrators Gallery. (We will advise when new parts are added though our SCBWI Bologna Facebook page). So do take some time (a cuppa or hot chocolate might help) to enjoy this reflection on the SCBWI Bologna 2018 presence. But it might take a while so don’t forget to have plenty of refreshments!

… and see you there in 2020!

This Wrap compiled by Christopher Cheng on behalf of Team Bologna

(please note each link opens in a new window)


Susan Eaddy‘s beautiful artistic reflection of all that we did are on the two pages Bologna 1 and Bologna 2 and also the blog post at her website Clay Things.


Olga Reiff‘s Bologna notes from her blog. (written is in German)


Ale Díaz Bouza Bologna note.


John Shelley‘s personal reflection from his blog. SCBWI Bologna would also like to congratulate John who was also nominated for the 2018 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. More about the award here.


Julian Chung (who was also one of the 50 finalists in the annual illustration competition promoted by the fair organisers) provides these words for us.


Christopher Cheng‘s website and his Bologna posts. (to come)


Two first timers to Bologna have these things to say:

Carrie Pearson has her blog posts here.


Leslie Helakoski has written these words for us as well and is featured on this blog post.


and Elizabeth Dulemba provides her traditional Bologna  wrap-ups at her Blog a.k.a. e.

and this from Elizabeth too:


And don’t forget to see the comprehensive list of Blog posts at Cynsations all to do with SCBWI at the 2018 Bologna Book Fair. 


A BIG big team creates our SCBWI Bologna presence – Kathleen, Angela, Susan, Sarah, Dana and Christopher are the face of Bologna but there are others involved too – Elisabeth, David, Olga, Ale, Colleen (Regional Team members who were in Bologna and did so very much to make our job as smooth as it could be), Bini, heaps of the headquarters folk who did everything from helping design the booth and promotional material, processing books and shipping our booth to Bologna, compiling our digital catalogue, to answering the multitudinous web questions and helping making it run so smoothly (Joshua Smith), our BiG judges (Cecilia Yung, Susan Eaddy and David Liew), as well as our Duelling Judge (Emma Ledbetter) and of course Steve and Lin who always say yes!  SCBWI Bologna 2018 would not have been the success it was without you.